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Grażyna Perl is a watercolourist who combines a meticulous technique with a whimsical vision to create a magic reminiscent of Paul Klee , yet touched by a peculiarly contemporary wit. Perl can make an intricate and compelling composition out of birds perched on tree branches, or strike a note of exquisite simplicity with a picture of two Japanese women bowing to one another, limned in a lively neo-primitive style.

Art Speak,
Nowy Jork

… Grazyna's paintings have immediate dynamic effect, which absorbs you into her world. Bright coloures and craft skills of painter allow these pictures to shine and allow us to look deeper inside the Universe, Guardian Angels, dreams, stories and mirrors - like into the magic, parallel garden... a real feast for subconscious.

John Porter

Grazyna cuts the world out of the air with sensitive precision - world which is elusive, symbolic and golden. And sometimes dangerous and sad but invariably beautiful.


(…) In both cases - painter and writer - often this is the content which seduces us. It happens to be so full that absorbs us completely with perfection of form, structure, action and subtle presence of beauty. We become a part of the picture or novel and it is hard to notice there is another invisible story going on  underneath. In a sens symbols can betray us. First of all, we cannot see them, secondly, even if we do, they have to go through our subconcious mind to make an influence. Thirdly, awareness is not the place to which they belong, so we have to go back to the place where symbols come from. It's an invisible world. The discovery of this world - even though we have imagination, thoughts and feelings, the invisible forces that we use - is still a long way ahead of the discovery of the invisible world. It leads to a series of small initiations, stretched over decades.In case of Grażyna's works, these small signs reflect a movement on the surface of the depths, certainly underside and boundless. The most prominent sign of Grażyna is the spiral. This is the sign of the strength of life, of the strength with which man has been made since the beginning of his existence. The force that feeds on human soul and body, genius and Gods. The same force creates our dreams, thoughts, our mind and our soul.




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